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How To Hire Great Employees

Happy Young Woman Is Happy About Her Employment ContractAn article in Forbes magazine gives recruiters within growing, aspirational businesses some top tips on what to look for in a potential employee. The writer says employers should focus on the ‘7 Cs” in prospective new employees:

1. Competent – does the potential employee have the skills, experiences and education to successfully complete the tasks you need performed?

2. Capable – will this person have the potential for growth and the ability and willingness to take on more responsibility?

3. Compatible – can this person get along with colleagues and existing and potential clients and partners?

4. Commitment – Is the candidate serious about working for the long term?

5. Character – does the person have values that align with yours? Are they a team player?

6. Culture – will they embrace your business’ culture in terms of values, expectations, policies and procedures.

7. Compensation – as the employer, you need to be sure the person hired agrees to a market-based compensation package and is satisfied with what is offered, or they could become dissatisfied in the future.

Priority Appointments offers a customised pay and benefits analysis as part of their bespoke service. To find out more, or to be introduced to candidates who tick all seven boxes, contact us on 01256 334575.

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