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The True Cost of DIY Job Advertising – Infographic

True-Cost-of-DIY-Job-AdvertFinding new staff sounds easy doesn’t it?  Surely you just put an ad in a local paper or on a job board and sit back and wait for the applications…

As Tracy Welch from Priority Appointments explains, it’s not quite that simple.

There is an awful lot more to trying to do your own advertising for new members of permanent or temporary staff than most people realise:

First you have to write your job advertisement to appeal to the candidates you are trying to attract – making sure you check it thoroughly with your legal team.

Then you need to post your ad, wait for the closing date for applications and sift through all the applications – many of which will be from candidates who know little or nothing about your business. Hopefully there will be applicants who are worth interviewing and you will find one or two who you want to invite for a second interview.

In the meantime, the person you are trying to replace will almost certainly have left before you can find their replacement, leaving hard-pressed colleagues to cover their job and meaning you won’t get a neat handover to the new incumbent.

All being well, you will find a suitable candidate at second interview stage and offer them the post.

There will then be negotiations on terms and benefits, which can be deal breakers and lead to the candidate rejecting the job offer.  So there you are, nine or ten weeks into the process, a person short and productivity – and your stress levels – are starting to suffer!

The alternative is to use a team of professional recruitment consultants.   Not only do they add value by ensuring that the job ad is written to be appealing and comply with stringent advertising laws, they will often have candidates on their books who could well be suitable.

At Priority Appointments, we generally aim to get a shortlist of suitable candidates to a prospective employer within 48 hours.  You agree what fee you will pay up front and this only becomes due once a job offer has been accepted.

We’ve summarised the steps in an infographic which shows you where the real savings lie when you work with a trusted recruitment partner to source new staff:


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