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Survey Results:
Benefits Help Local Businesses Retain a Talented Workforce

PA S & B Survey 2016 500pxWe recently conducted a survey of the salary and benefits offered by local businesses.  Our research looked at the salary range offered for over 50 of the most popular local jobs including roles such as procurement manager; call centre team leader, forklift driver and part-qualified accountant.

Key findings revealed that:

  • Average holiday allowance is 23 days per year
  • 45% of local businesses have a flexible working policy
  • 66% provide Life Assurance
  • 61% have a cafe or canteen
  • 39% provide opportunities to work from home

The survey flagged up some key trends in the local employment market. Tracy Welch, our business director said, “Our research shows that salaries are increasing in both the permanent and temporary sectors as strong candidates can choose from multiple offers. Employers are now more willing to make counter-offers to retain the best talent and businesses need to move fast if they want to secure a good candidate before they choose an alternative offer.”

Perhaps one of the more surprising findings is that companies are increasingly using attractive benefits packages to give them the edge and tempt the best candidates when they need to fill key positions. Tracy explained, “The shortage of good-quality candidates has meant that companies are offering incentives such as improved holiday packages to attract the best people. We have seen that many firms are now willing to make up a ‘basket’ of benefits including things like health club membership or an enhanced pension in a bid to secure a specific candidate for a key role.”

To request a copy of the Priority Appointments Salary & Benefits Survey 2016 please email office@priorityappointments.co.uk or call us on 01256 334575.

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