Could You Be One Of Our Hidden Gems?

Do you lack recent work experience? Are you looking to move to a different industry? Are you overqualified for the job you want that will suit your lifestyle? These are all things that could mean your job application gets overlooked by other recruitment agencies and you could be a hidden gem!

At Priority Appointments, we know that although you may not tick all the boxes on an application form you could have the transferable skills and the right attitude that make you the perfect fit for one of our clients.

What is a hidden gem?

Our ‘hidden gems’ are candidates who are often underestimated or overlooked by potential employers  because they don’t meet on-paper criteria. Here at Priority Appointments, we’re looking for people with eminently transferable skills such as great communication, proven abilities at problem solving and teamwork that employers really value.

We discover our hidden gems in all sorts of places and they can often be people who have had a career break or are looking for a better work-life balance. Could this be you?

After a career break

People take time off from work and their careers for all sorts of reasons. If you’ve had a career break due to family reasons, or travelling the world, we recognise that these experiences will have helped you develop different skill sets.

But when you’ve been out of the workforce for sometime, it can really affect your self-belief and knock your confidence.

This was the case for Cathy, who due to family circumstances had taken some time out of the workplace. She lacked recent work experience, so was turned away by other recruitment agencies who didn’t look beyond her CV. The rejections by other agencies took a real toll on her self-confidence. 

We got to know Cathy and could see that she had lots to offer. We took the time to work with her to boost her confidence and restore her self-belief.

We know our clients really well and understand their ethos and values, so we knew she would be a fantastic fit for one company in particular.

Cathy has thrived in role her as a part-time receptionist and when nominated by her employer, she won the Temp of the Month Award!

At Priority Appointments, we take the time to get to know you and what you want so we can match you to a company and a role where you can excel!

Looking for a work-life balance

When a candidate has a been in a senior position, it can be off-putting to a recruiter or employer who might think they are overqualified for the role. But if you’re looking for a better work-life balance and are happy to accept a lower salary, it can be a win-win situation for everyone!

Paul was in a senior position at one of our client companies when we first met him. When the company relocated, he decided to find a new role that would suit his desire for a better work-life balance and of course he came straight to us!

We know our clients really well so when Paul became available, we knew he’d be a terrific fit at one company especially. So we presented him speculatively to one of our clients before a position was even available!

He joined the team and has achieved the work-life balance he was looking for while his senior experience and skill set are hugely valued by the company.

We want to help you shine!

Here at Priority Appointments, we are particularly good at bringing out your confidence and spotting hidden potential.

If you feel you’ve been been overlooked or underestimated by employers please get in touch. We may be able to help you realise your potential, bring your talents to the fore and help you find your dream job just like Sean has:

“After taking time out from my career to focus on family, the time came when I needed to look for new opportunities. Priority Appointments were the only agency that were there to meet face to face and truly understand and support me with the direction I had chosen. They worked closely with me and successfully introduced me to a company where I have now been for nearly a year.

I found Priority Appointments to be extremely friendly and professional and would like to say thank you.  I would recommend Priority Appointments whole heartedly and should the day ever arise for me to make further changes in my career they will always be my number 1 choice.”

Get in touch today by email at or call our friendly team on 01256 334 575. Check the latest jobs on our website.


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