7 Reasons Why Becoming a Recruitment Consultant Could Be Your Best Career Move Yet!

Are you looking for a new professional challenge? Are you a people person? Do you want to earn a great income?

A career as a recruitment consultant could be perfect for you!

What does a recruitment consultant do?

Recruitment consultants are job match-makers - matching candidates to roles at client companies.

As a recruiter, you’ll build relationships with companies and work with them to understand the roles they’re looking to fill and develop an understanding of the company culture.

You’ll source candidates for jobs, attracting talented applicants by writing great job advertisements, following up on referrals and applications.

After interviewing, screening and advising candidates, you’ll recommend candidates you’ve matched to a role to the client. If a client selects your candidate for the job, you could earn a commission.

Part of your job will be to bring new client companies to the business, pitching the value of the services your agency offers.

Why become a recruitment consultant?

1. Earn a great income

A career as a recruitment consultant can be very financially rewarding. In addition to a base-salary you’ll have the opportunity to earn commission and bonuses.

At Priority Appointments, we offer uncapped commission and regular incentives and benefits. Our incentives are tailored to the person, so we offer you opportunities to earn something you really want.

Team members also benefit from non-contributory private healthcare, life assurance and free parking.

2. Change people’s lives

You help change people’s lives for the better! Successfully placing a candidate in a job they love is so rewarding!

As well as finding a candidate their dream job, you have an impact on the success and development of the client companies you recruit for.

We pride ourselves on getting to know the company culture of every client and finding candidates who will fit in and thrive.

3. It’s exciting!

Recruitment is a fast-paced industry with plenty of variety and a lot of excitement - you’ll never have a dull moment!

There’s no real ‘typical day’ in the life of a recruitment consultant, you could be speaking to an existing client, winning new business, sourcing candidates online or interviewing candidates in-person. There’s always something to do and you’ll never be bored!

4. For the challenge

If you’re a tenacious self-starter who loves a challenge, you’ll thrive as a recruitment consultant. You’ll be responsible for your own clients, for bringing in new clients and for sourcing candidates for roles.

In recruitment, you’ll work towards targets and goals as a team and as an individual. Priority Appointments offer ad hoc, monthly and quarterly incentives.

5. Career progression

Your career in recruitment can progress quickly. You don’t need specific qualifications or a set amount of experience, your progression is determined by your hard work, initiative and making the most of opportunities for professional development.

At Priority Appointments, we invest in our team, our professional development scheme goes right up to director-level. We offer regular external training opportunities to team members to develop skill sets and maximise earning potential.

6. Entrepreneurial spirit

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and value your independence, you’ll thrive in recruitment. You’ll be responsible for your own clients and schedule.

As an independent agency, Priority Appointments team members are given greater autonomy and decision-making power compared with many other recruitment agencies.

7. You love people!

Recruitment is a people-orientated business and you spend most of your time communicating with a diverse range of people, from candidates to CEOs and hiring managers. If you’re a people-person, you’ll be in your element!

We are a tight-knit team and as well as working hard, we play hard too! We have a lot of fun at Priority Appointments, at work and also on our team nights out - going out for meals, an evening bowling or taking a trip to the spa!  

What skills and qualifications do you need?

You don’t need any formal qualifications to become a recruitment consultant. Previous recruitment experience can be an advantage but it’s not a necessity.

Many successful recruitment consultants have backgrounds in sales or Human Resources because the jobs require very similar skill sets.

Although you don’t need set qualifications, some personality traits and skills are very valuable for a recruiter to possess.

Our years of experience have shown that these are some of the top assets of a successful recruitment consultant:

1. Attitude - keep it positive!

A positive, can-do attitude is important for staying motivated and it’s absolutely essential for such a social job.

2. Professionalism

Respect, integrity and honesty are core to professionalism. At Priority Appointments, we practise ethical recruitment and hold ourselves to very high professional standards.

3. Relationship building

Strong, trusting relationships are crucial to a successful career in recruitment. Recruiters who take the time to nurture and develop professional relationships tend to be most successful.

4. Negotiation skills

Negotiating skills are an essential asset as you’ll need to negotiate candidate salaries, client fees and contracts.

5. Tenacity

Determination and persistence are great traits for a recruiter to possess. Things won’t always go your way and you’ll need to be determined to get them done.

How can you become a recruitment consultant?

Get in touch today!

Priority Appointments is an independent, growing and ambitious recruitment agency, and we’re looking for great people to join our team! 

To start your career in recruitment send us an email with your CV attached to office@priorityappointments.co.uk or call our friendly team on 01256 334 575.


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