Finding the Perfect Job For a Real ‘Hidden Gem’

  • December 18, 2019

Here at Priority Appointments, one of our special talents is finding jobs for people who may not look like ideal candidates on paper. 

We look beyond the CV to find ‘hidden gems’ - people who have the right attitude and aptitude to become stellar employees and a highly valued part of the team. 

Here’s how we matched Amy*, who moved to Basingstoke in 2018, with one of our local clients in the manufacturing sector.


When Amy registered with us, she had just moved to Basingstoke from London with her fiancé so that they could buy a property. She had previously worked in the criminal justice service, so her CV didn’t include any experience of office or customer service work.

At the time, one of our clients needed to recruit someone to work on a temporary basis as a phone configuration / helpdesk assistant, providing telephone support during a company-wide mobile phone upgrade.

They were ideally looking for a ‘bright spark’ with some technical capability, however, with employment at an all time high, it was difficult for them to find the right person who combined technical skills with the customer-centric attitude they were looking for. 


Having met Amy and looked into her background, we realised that she would be a perfect fit, despite not having a formal office or technical background. We knew the culture and customer-centric ethos at our client company well, so were very confident that she would fit right in.

We gave Amy plenty of relevant information about the company and the people who would be interviewing her. We also gave her interview guidance documentation and advised her to swot up on competency based questioning as this would be the format of her interview.

As Emma Allen, Manager of our Office and Commercial division explained, “Amy’s attitude and flexibility shone through and we realised that she would fit in well with the team.”


The interview was a success and within two weeks of registering with us, Amy started a 3 - 6 month temp role as a Phone Configuration and Helpdesk Assistant in April 2018.

Since then our client has extended her employment several times, moving her to other departments as they find her attitude and help so valuable. 

Almost two years later and Amy is still temping there and has won the company’s Temp of the Month award not once but twice!

Amy is now married and happily settled near Basingstoke.

*Not her real name



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