Why it Makes Sense to Get a Temp Job Now

  • April 27, 2021

Even if you have a great CV, it can be challenging to find exactly the right job.

Whilst unemployment has been running at record levels during the pandemic, happily there are signs that the economy is already starting to recover. This means that although we all expect unemployment to fall, nobody can be completely certain when this is going to happen. 

So where does all this leave you if you need to find a new job this year?

Why it's a good time to find temp jobs in Basingstoke

Given the extent of the uncertainty, taking on temporary or contract roles until the situation becomes more stable could be a wise choice.

We regularly place temps in a wide range of jobs in and around Basingstoke, including:

  • Finance
  • Supply chain
  • HR  
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Warehouse
  • Precision Engineering
  • Operations

The latest Jobs Report published by our industry body, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, and management consultancy KPMG, stated that growth of short-term positions has hit the highest levels since September 2018.

So if you have experience and marketable skills, you could find that opting for short-term temping or longer-term contract work makes sense in the current market.

What’s the definition of a Temporary job?

Most temp jobs are for a fixed period which could be from a few days to months or even longer. In fact, some people temp for the same company in similar roles for years on end!

Apart from this, the main difference between working as a temp and a permanent member of staff is that instead of working directly for the company and being on their payroll, you are paid by the recruitment consultancy or temp agency that placed you in the role.

This means that for day to day operational issues, you will have a boss or manager at your workplace, but elements of employment such as your pay and pension contributions are managed by the agency.

Temporary roles are almost exclusively paid by the hour, while longer term contracts may have a day rate. 

You agree to a market rate for the role, and the company you work for pays the agency a margin for each hour you work. 

What Are the Benefits of Taking on Temporary Jobs?

Here are some of the most common reasons why you might choose to take on a temporary or contract job with us right now:

  • Temping gives you the flexibility to react as the job market changes.
  • You can boost your CV to show how you can apply your core skills to different types of roles.
  • It means you can stay flexible and plan in periods of study, deal with family priorities or travel (once that’s back on the cards again!)
  • It’s a great way to add to your skills whilst still earning good money. 
  • There are opportunities to earn overtime if you want to build up additional funds.
  • Just as you might buy a trial size of a product before you decide to buy, you can test out working in a company, a new industry or a particular type of environment before deciding to take on a permanent role.
  • You can use temping to fill in what might otherwise be an extended gap in your CV while you wait for the perfect permanent role to come your way.
  • You get the benefit of buckets of support from your recruitment consultant.

If you haven’t temped before, or you’ve been out of the temp market for a while, do get in touch with one of our friendly consultants who will answer any questions you may have and help you find temporary jobs in Basingstoke and the surrounding area.

Email us at office@priorityappointments.co.uk with ‘Temping’ in the subject line, or call us on 01256 334575.



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