How to Be an Employer of Choice

Do you need to attract more high-quality candidates? In today’s market of low unemployment rates and skills shortages, there’s stiff competition among businesses to attract the best and most qualified candidates.

This is of particular concern in the technical and engineering sectors where filling temporary roles with skilled candidates is becoming increasingly challenging.

To attract the best people and stand out from the competition, it’s absolutely essential that the best candidates see you as a great employer.

What is an employer of choice?

An employer of choice attracts high-quality candidates because they offer a great working environment and the benefits that people value most. It’s crucial to know what matters to your ideal candidates and be in tune with what they’re looking for in an employer.

In addition to a good salary and opportunities for career progression, research shows that candidates in all age groups prioritise flexible working hours, private healthcare, additional holiday days for long service and enhanced pension contribution.

Free tea and coffee, pets in the office and free breakfast supplies all make the list too - no one likes feeling ‘hangry’ after all!

What are the benefits of becoming an employer of choice?

Becoming known as an employer of choice can do more than make you stand out from the competition, it can have a positive impact on your business and your bottom line.

Healthy, happy workplace

Research shows that employees tend to be more productive when they’re feeling happy, in fact, 12% more productive according to one study. Google, for example, has invested in employee support and satisfaction and reports a 37% increase in productivity as a result of increased employee happiness. By investing in your employees’ happiness you can reap the rewards of increased productivity.

Boost your bottom line

As candidates want to work for your company, they will actively seek out opportunities at your organisation. This will reduce the work you need to put into recruiting because, with help from your recruitment partner, you’re more likely to have a pool of top-quality candidates to choose from.

With a work culture and benefits that employees won’t want to leave, your retention rates will also be higher, reducing company recruitment costs.

Cream of the crop

As an employer of choice, you’ll attract the most qualified and sought after candidates who are best suited to the roles and providing the highest quality of service. This is great for your reputation and improving business performance.

How to become an employer of choice

To become an employer of choice you need to offer a fantastic and demonstrable employee experience. It’s definitely not just a short-lived marketing campaign.

However, it’s important to communicate the company brand values and the benefits of working in the organisation to ideal candidates. Approximately 75% of job seekers research an employer’s brand before applying for a role.

That research is most likely to take the form of a Google search and candidates will look at reviews from customers and past employees, social media content and, of course, your company website to better understand your brand values and what the company has to offer. 

Use your channels to communicate

Share your employer brand story, your values and give examples of why you’re an employer of choice consistently across all your social media, internal and external communication channels.

Compensate your employees well

It’s a good idea to keep your salaries competitive and offer the benefits your ideal candidates really value. You can also survey your current employees to better understand what it is they really value about working at your organisation, so that you can highlight those benefits to prospective employees.

Career development

Invest in employee training and development as this not only improves skill sets and quality of service, it also builds morale and shows candidates that the company values its employees.

Great candidate experience

Ensure your candidate selection process is a positive experience for you and applicants. Read our guide: How To Create An Awesome Candidate Experience for best practices and some great tips.

Celebrate your team!

Congratulating employees for a job well done is a great opportunity to boost morale. Showcase your employees and celebrate their successes to demonstrate how much you value them.

Choose an expert recruitment partner

Work with a recruitment partner who knows your brand, cultures and values and can handpick the best candidates for your company.

At Priority Appointments, we take the time to get to know your business so we can accurately match candidates to your organisation’s culture.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can support you and handpick the candidates who will serve your business best.

Email us at or call us on 01256 334575 and one of our friendly and professional team will be very happy to help!


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