There's Nothing Artificial About Our Intelligence!

  • November 16, 2020

Every time you use your phone or social media you are benefiting from some degree of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or machine learning which makes doing everyday tasks a bit easier, and more personal to you. 

Many of our clients in manufacturing, engineering and distribution are at the forefront of deploying AI and machine learning to enhance and streamline aspects of their businesses from manufacturing processes through to the warehouse floor.

AI can be helpful in recruitment too, especially when used in conjunction with the human touch of an experienced recruitment/talent acquisition professional.

As Aleksandra Mojsilovic, a research fellow in AI at IBM explained, “it’s not about replacing human intelligence, but rather about complementing it.” (HR Director magazine Oct 2020)

Keeping it Human

As recruiters, we know that whilst AI can be helpful in the early stages of screening, nothing can replace expert insight when it comes to matching the right candidates to employers. 

The information included on a CV - even one that has been optimised for automated systems - can only tell you so much.  

A candidate may tick the box when it comes to skills, but unless they have the right personality to fit in with the existing team, the placement is unlikely to be a success. 

When possible we visit every one of our client’s premises, so that we not only see the physical working environment, but also get to understand what makes their teams tick: 

  • Is there a lot of banter between colleagues or is it a calm, quiet environment? 
  • Do people muck in to help each other out, or do the company’s systems and processes mean that it is vital for people to respect boundaries and roles? 
  • Are there good opportunities for career progression, for example from the warehouse floor to management, which might make it appealing to those wanting to move up the ladder?

None of these factors can be assessed through software or data analysis, but determine whether a placement is likely to be successful or not.

Sourcing the Best Talent

Whilst software can be useful during initial screening, it takes a talented individual to spot true talent in others and to make an ideal match. 

At Priority Appointments, we deal with people, not CVs.  By looking at more than a person’s employment history, assessing their soft skills and suggesting any upskilling that may be useful, we help make sure that they’ll be a great fit for the type of role they are looking for.

A prime example of this is our partnership with Testerworld, a local pharmaceutical company which prefers to recruit their employees on a temporary to permanent basis and which often needs multiple roles to be filled quickly and efficiently. 

They know and value our stringent, in-person selection processes, so they have complete confidence that every candidate presented to them has been interviewed by us and that all the necessary eligibility checks have been carried out. This means that they get the team they need to turn around large orders fast, and candidates have access to high-quality local employment. 

Testerworld’s Warehouse Manager explained how our Lead Consultant Luke Arnott helps them: “Luke knows our business inside out and knows exactly which candidates to select for us - candidates who can maintain our high productivity levels and fit in with the team. We trust Luke to deliver every time and he doesn’t let us down and because he understands recruitment and our business implicitly, we value his consultative advice too.”

Blending Tech and Human Insight

Whilst we know AI can enhance the recruitment process it’s not the most important thing in a recruitment partner. For us ‘AI’ also means that we’re:

Absolutely Independent - as an independent recruitment consultancy, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond when it comes to supporting our clients. As a local business ourselves, we’re part of the fabric of the local business community, finding great people for great companies in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas for over 20 years.

Always Interviewing - because this is what we do all day, every day we intuitively know what good looks like - even when we can’t meet candidates face to face. 

We spend time screening candidates so that when we present employers with a shortlist, they can be sure that they are all suitable for the role. 

Actively Inspired - we don’t just have our core values up on a poster on the wall, we live by them every day in our work with every client and candidate. 

We are your smart, professional, flexible, caring, supportive, partners in recruitment, adding value at every step from HR support service to on-site redeployment workshops, transparent pricing policy and salary benchmarking.

Awesome Individuals! - our team of professionals offer far more than just recruitment services. They provide honest advice and support to employers and candidates alike to make sure every placement is set for success.

Contact us today for help with finding ideal candidates with specialist skills in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and the surrounding areas.  

To get started with finding your next  handpicked temporary or permanent employee please call us on 01256 334575 or email 



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