Temporary Staff

The People You Need, When You Need Them

It’s challenging to plan your staffing strategy right now, which is why using temps gives your business maximum flexibility for the short or long term.

Whether you need one person to cover sick leave, someone who can bring a specific skill set into the business, or an army of temps to help you deliver a large order, we’re here to help.

We’ve been deploying temporary and contract staff into local businesses for over 20 years, helping Manufacturing, Distribution and Precision Engineering companies access the skills they need fast, without adding to headcount or the payroll.

Here to Help with your Temporary or Contract Needs

Here are just some of the reasons why people choose us as their partner to secure the best temps and contract staff:

Responsible Recruitment

We take the time to understand your business so that when you need to scale up, we’re ready to help you find the right temps. We do all the necessary screening, qualification and document checks before we add people to your shortlist, so all you have to do is decide who to take on and how long for.

Total Transparency

We clearly explain all our hiring processes, procedures and pricing, which is based on a fixed margin per hour, not a percentage margin or mark-up so if the candidate pay rate increases, as a result of a pay rise or overtime for example, our hourly margin remains as agreed.

In-depth Information

We provide all the information you need to keep track of who’s working for you with detailed management information including the number of people, volume of hours worked and any hours missed due to sickness, for example.

Suitable Skills

Temp staff can quickly parachute specific skills into your existing team, helping to boost productivity and bring new knowledge into your business.

Continuous Support

Once we have placed a temporary worker, we will keep in regular contact with you to ensure their work performance is as expected and to provide support if you need it. We will also contact the temporary worker from time to time to check how they are doing.

Resourcing with Confidence

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what type of people or skill sets you need. Using temps means you have a flexible trial period before deciding on a permanent hire.

Contact us today by calling 01256 334575 to find out about our unparalleled levels of service and to discover how we provide the temporary or contract staff you need to get set to grow.

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