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Finding the Perfect Job For a Real ‘Hidden Gem’

Here at Priority Appointments, one of our special talents is finding jobs for people who may not look like ideal candidates on... More

All You've Ever Wanted to Know About the National Living Wage But Were Afraid To Ask

The new National Living Wage came into effect in April 2016, replacing the National Minimum Wage for all employees over the age... More

Understanding Agency Workers Rights - Infographic

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has published a useful infographic which clearly explains the rights of Agency... More

Top 10 Places to Go After Work in Basingstoke

Do you have a job in Basingstoke? If you already work in the area or if you’re looking for a job in Basingstoke, we&rsquo... More

Earn £30 from Priority Appointments

Do you know anyone who needs a job? A friend, family member or anyone else you know who is actively looking for work?... More

Top 10 Places to Spend Your Lunch Hour in Basingstoke

A fun, vibrant and busy city, Basingstoke is a fantastic place to work! If you’re looking for a job in Basingstoke or... More

Interview Nerves – Use Them Don’t Lose Them

Your thoughts have turned to mush, your carefully planned answers are now word salad and your hands are extra clammy... More

How To Find Your Dream Job!

What does having a dream job mean to you? Is it spending your day doing what you’re passionate about? Having a great... More

Could You Be One Of Our Hidden Gems?

Do you lack recent work experience? Are you looking to move to a different industry? Are you overqualified for the job you want... More

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